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Gastric Pit and Secretory Cells

Modifications in Layers of Digestive Tract

Hey All AIPMT Biology Aspirants, next study material is for learning about modifications in layers of Stomach and Small Intestine.

STOMACH: In addition to basic structure of layers of digestive tract, following modifications are present in stomach.

  • Epithelial cells of mucosa extend deep down into lamina propria of mucosa, to

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Layers of Digestive Tract

Tissues of Digestive Tract

Hello All AIPMT Biology Aspirants, here is the study material of Layers of Digestive Tract.

Mammals and other vertebrates contain four major layers from lower esophagus to anal canal. These are Mucosa, Submucosa, Muscularis, and Serosa from innermost to superficial, respectively.

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