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Mendel’s Seven Pair of Contrasting Characters

AIPMT-NEET Biology Aspirants, read out the next AIPMT-NEET Biology Study material/ Notes of Mendel’s Seven Pair of Contrasting Characters, important for AIPMT-NEET Biology. Free online notes for AIPMT-NEET.
Mendel used Pea Plant and studied SEVEN pair of contrasting traits. Each character has one dominant trait and

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Mendel’s Success Story

Hello All AIPMT Biology Aspirants, next important topic in queue is Mendel’s Success Story.

Earlier, plant biologists also produced hybrids but they saw puzzling results and were not able to interpret them correctly. Mendel used mathematical techniques to analyze his crosses, which was ahead of that time and people were not

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Introduction to Genetics

Hello All AIPMT Biology Aspirants, here is the study material of Genetics.

  • Genetics: It is the science of heredity and variation.
  • Heredity: Transmission of traits from parents to offspring via genetic information.
  • Variation: In biology, the occurrence of differences among individuals.
  • Character: Heritable feature/ attribute that varies among individuals is called character,

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