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AIPMT-NEET Biology Aspirants, read out the next AIPMT-NEET Biology Study material/ Notes of Neuron. In this we will learn about Neuron structure and Myelination  important for AIPMT-NEET Biology. Free online notes for AIPMT-NEET.

Nervous system has two types of cells: Neurons and Neuroglia. Neurons are structural and functional unit

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  1. Bacteria come under Kingdom Monera.
  2. Prokaryotes, means they lack a true membrane-bound nucleus.
  3. Unicellular, i.e. these are single cell organism.
  4. They have no membrane-bound organelles like mitochondria, chloroplast,nucleus, golgi appratus, endoplasmic reticulum.All these are absent in bacteria.
  5. Bacterial cell wall is made up of Peptidoglycan or murein.
  6. On the basis of Gram staining technique, two

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