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Pancreatic Islet surrounded by Acini


Hello All AIPMT Biology Aspirants, next topic to learn is Pancreas.


  • It lies posterior to the greater curvature of the stomach, between the limbs of the ‘U’ shaped duodenum.
  • Pancreas is an elongated and somewhat flattened organ that consists of a head, body, and tail.
  • It functions as both an

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Structure of Liver, Gall Bladder and Pancreas with their ducts

Liver And Gall Bladder

Hey all AIPMT Biology Aspirants, learn about structure and function of Liver And Gall Bladder in the given notes.


  • Largest gland in the body and largest internal organ of the body. In an adult human, the liver weighs about 1.5 kg and is the size of a football.
  • Located in

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