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Antibodies are also called as Immunoglobin(Ig). Antibodies provide humoral immunity or humoral immune response to body. “Humors”  means fluid, and antibodies are found in body fluids like blood and lymph so provide humoral immunity.

There are five classes of Antibodies or Immunoglobins found in the body: IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD, IgE.

Note: Learning tip- GAMED

Immunoglobin Name Percentage in body No. of Units in structure Function
IgG ɣ  (Gamma) 80 – 85 % Monomer Most abundant in blood; only antibody which crosses placenta from mother to fetus to provide protection to newborn (also called as maternal antibody); protects against bacteria, virus, toxins
IgA α (Alpha) 10 – 15 % Monomer or dimer Called as Secretory antibody as found in body secretions like sweat, tears, saliva, & breast milk. IgA passes from mother to fetus through breast milk during lactation. Colostrum (yellowish fluid) secreted by mother after birth  also called as first milk has highest percentage of IgA.
IgM μ (Mu) 5 -10 % Pentamer First antibody to be secreted during exposure of body to any foreign particle/antigen
IgD δ (Delta) Less than 1 (approx 0.2 %) Monomer Help in recognition of foreign particle/antigen
IgE ε (Epsilon) Less than 0.1% Monomer IgE is produced during allergic response of body towards certain antigens like dust, pollen etc. IgE is responsible for hypersensitivity. Produced during Hay Fever & Asthma




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