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Fungal Diseases of Plants

AIPMT-NEET Biology Aspirants, read out the next AIPMT-NEET Biology Study material/ Notes of Fungal Diseases in Plants, important for AIPMT-NEET Biology. Free online notes for AIPMT-NEET.

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Two Forms Of Hypha

Fungi – Morphology, Nutrition, Reproduction

Morphology – Cell wall is made up of chitin. Two forms of cell – 1) Single-celled form e.g. Yeast;  2) Multi-cellular and filamentous form called mycelium.
NOTE: Exception-Yeast in unicellular fungi.
Mycelium/mycelia are made up of interwoven mass of hypha. Hyphae (singular hypha) are long, slender

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Division of Kingdom Fungi

Division of the Kingdom Fungi into various classes is based on morphology of the mycelium, mode of spore formation and fruiting bodies. Kingdom fungi is divided into 4 classes /divisions/phylum basically:
i) Phycomycetes
ii) Ascomycetes
iii) Basidiomycetes
iv) Deuteromycetes

• These are considered as Lower fungi/ Algal

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Fungi-Basic Introduction

Fungi is Eukaryotic, Heterotrophic, Multi-cellular organism. Eukaryotic organisms have true nucleus. Multi-cellular organisms have  more than one cell and heterotrophic are those which can not make their themselves. Study of fungi is known as mycology. Kingdom Fungi is also known as Mycota.

Fungi grow as single cells (Yeast) or as large as, branching networks of multi-cellular

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